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  • 11.06.2019, 23:08 Uhr
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A green and cheap solution: Used wind turbines

For any company, making a better deal without compromising the quality of the service is the ultimate goal. We all want to find green, sustainable solutions, but it’s very hard to find such without paying twice as much.

However, if you are looking for wind turbines that are within affordable range, it is possible to find used wind turbines that basically work just like newly fabricated turbines.

Benefits of buying used

Naturally, the most significant benefit of buying used wind turbines is that it’s a very cheap solution compared to buying new wind turbines. Just like buying a car, many used cars work just fine even after several years in the field. Yes, they do require occasional maintenance, but so does every mechanical piece of engineering. The same goes for wind turbines.

Obviously, wind turbines are on a entirely different scale. It requires more than just maintenance. There are heavy demands to technical inspections, transportation safety, shipping and installing. But most companies that sell used wind turbines offer all these elements as a part of their service. Basically, you get everything that you would get from buying new wind turbines, except the cost is significantly lower.

Secondly, in an era of sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, you can meet green demands by buying used. Every time you purchase a used wind turbine, that is one less new wind turbine produced. Wind turbine production entails large scale production, which produces a lot of waste in many ways in grand total, especially CO2.

If you already have established wind turbine farms, the wind turbines will at some point require new parts and thorough maintenance. Spare parts can also be bought used, and it will also save you a relatively significant amount of money.

Downsides of buying used

The only downside of buying used is that the wind turbine model could be outdated in terms of technology end efficiency. In case it is, saying no is always an option. Before buying anything used, make sure to look through maintenance reports and discuss the potential of this exact model to ensure it’s an investment that will provide an adequate financial gain.

If the model is known for errors, or if one specific unit has been through concerningly many rounds of maintenance, we recommend that you atleast go into details with the sales representative to get a grasp of the situation.

Renewable energy sources is the new black

Considering buying wind turbines for a new project? Wind turbines is a very popular energy solution due to its function as a source of renewable energy, which in today’s world of sustainability and green solutions is the most popular and most acceptable energy solution.

As opposed to fossil fuels such as oil and gas, there’s an unlimited amount of wind to fuel the wind turbines, making it today’s most appropriate and considerate energy solution.




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